PTFE Fiber Packing

PTFE Fiber Packing

  • PTFE Fiber Packing

    • Pure PTFE fiber yarns are braided into a packing in square or latticesection type. Excellent heat resistant and chemical resistant, but suitable for places where contamination of fluids must be avoided because of excellent resistance against chemicals and corrosion. Outer cooling device is required when heated packing is likely to stick to shaft in operation due to nature of PTFE. Suitable for fusing alkali, metal, acid except hot fluoric acid, alkaline solvents, rotary machine, reciprocating machine, valve, etc.

  • Lubricated PTFE Fiber Packing

    • Same as JIC 3063 but impregnated with PTFE dispersion and special lubricant. Mechanically strong, anti-corrosive and suitable for variety of machinery. Suitable for corrosive fluid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, chemicals, strong alkali, rotary pump, reciprocating machine, rotary machine, etc.

PTFE Fiber and Aramid Fiber Packing

  • Lubricated PTFE Fiber and Aramid Fiber Packing

    • Lubricated PTFE fiber yarns and aramid fiber yarns are braided in combination. Excellent chemical resistant and mechanically strong packingSuitable for strong acid, strong alkali, chemicals, solvents, rotary pumps, reciprocating machine, chemical pumps, rotary machine, etc.

PTFE Fiber and Graphite / PTFE Fiber Packing

  • Lubricated PTFE Fiber and Graphite Fiber Packing

    • PTFE/Graphite fiber yarns and lubricated PTFE yarns are braided to a packing in combination. It shows excellent chemical resistance, mechanic strength and self-lubricating. Suitable for corrosive fluid, organic solvents, chemicals rotary machine, rotary pumps, reciprocating pumps, agitator, etc.

  • PTFE / Graphite Fiber Packing

    • Consisting of PTFE / Graphite and lubricant are braided into square section. Good chemical resistant and heat resistant. Excellent self-lubricating, thermal conductive and low frictional co-efficient packing with no damage to shaft. Suitable for corrosive fluids, organic solvents, steam, hot water, oil, rotary machines, valves, rotary pump, agitator, flange, etc.